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How weather affects your roof

How Bad Weather Affects Your Roof

Alberta is known for it’s unpredictable weather, and I’m sure many remember the grapefruit sized hail we got last summer, leaving loads of damage to vehicles, roofs, crops and much, much more! While this type of hail isn’t a regular occurrence *knock on wood!* Hail in general, strong winds, heavy rainfall, tornado warnings, and sometimes snow is more common. Your roof is the first line of defence to protecting your home against summer storms. However roof damage can happen gradually…

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melting snow

3 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Roof For Spring

The harsh Alberta winter months are hard on everything including your roof. Now that it’s spring homeowners are going around cleaning up their yards and fixing any damage that may have occurred over winter . This is also the time to check on how your roof’s holding up and prepare for spring. Clean out your gutters While it’s good to clean your gutters before the snow falls, there may be debris that was left behind and could now potentially clog…

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Oh Hail No! What To Do When Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Alberta has had no shortage of rain this summer. Hail has damaged more than just roofs but vehicles, crops, equipment and more. Edmonton and the surrounding areas have been hit multiple times with hail. So if you’ve seen some damage to your roof or suspect you may have some, you’ve come to the right place. Signs Of Hail Damage Dents in siding, sliding door or windows. Dented or broken gutters, gutter screens or downspouts. Keep a sharp eye for small…

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Roof maintenance

4 Roof Maintenance Tips For Summer

As we are in the full swing of summer you may notice issues arising with your roof. Summer storms bring hail damage, high winds and heavy rainfall. Here’s some tips to keep your roof in top notch condition during the summer months to prevent or solve problems. Clean out gutters If you haven’t already, make sure to check and clean out your gutters. You may have some damage from the winter months or harsh storms so in order for the…

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Why It’s Important To Have A Well Ventilated Attic

During the summer months our attics can get quite hot, so it’s important to have a well ventilated attic. Give your AC a break First of all, warm attics effect the entire house. A hot attic means the temperature in the rest of the house will rise. As you turn on more fans and crank up the AC it will be working twice as hard to cool down your home and in return your bills will raise during the summer…

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