Annual Roof Maintenance Program

Annual Roof Maintenance Program

Your roof is what is protecting you from the outside elements. Keeping rain, snow and wind outside where it belongs. While keeping everything in side dry and protected. Your roof is also an important factor of your homes efficiency. It can help keep down heating or cooling costs!

Investing in a maintenance program will make sure your roof is doing it’s job and keeping you safe and dry!

In our Annual Roof Maintenance Program we:

  • Come to your home to re-inspect your roof install.
  • Re-caulk all vents and flashing on roof.
  • Re-tab any lifting shingles or un-tabbed shingles that may have come loose.
  • Replace up to 5 missing shingles that have been lost by wind damage.
  • Clean out blocked down spouts.
  • Tack back in any loose nails on existing old eavestrough.

Give us a call 780-884-8785 or send us an email and we will come out to your home to give you a quote.

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