Does My House Need A New Roof Before Selling?

When listing your house on the market there’s usually a lot of time and effort that has been spent fixing up the home prior. Is your roof a big question mark as to if you should spend the money and fix it up, or leave it as is? Here’s what we think about this topic:

Roof Condition

If your roof is missing shingles, has lifting shingles, growing moss or has obvious signs of leaking, then it’s probably a good idea to spend the money and repair it. Keep in mind, a potential buyers’ first impression is usually from seeing your listing online. Curb appeal is a major factor when selling your home and your roof will be noticed, whether that’s a good or bad thing.

Your Selling Situation

Are you quite motivated to sell? Updating your roof may speed along the process. Even if you add in the cost of a roof repair to the overall price of the home, you still may lose some potential buyers who don’t want the hassle. If you’re not afraid to sit on your listing for a while, avoiding the large added upfront cost, and opting for a roof inspection instead may be a better fit for you.

Roof Inspection

Your roof may be sitting the fence between needing an update in a couple years and being solid enough to sell. In this situation a roof inspection may be the way to go. It may be possible to get your roof certified for another couple years. This will help if the condition of your roof is called into question during the selling process. While most realtors encourage investing in a new roof before listing your home, this isn’t always necessary. If you are unsure of which course of action to take when it comes to selling your home and the condition of your roof. Contact us and we can go through the best options for you and your home.
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