How Bad Weather Affects Your Roof

Alberta is known for it’s unpredictable weather, and I’m sure many remember the grapefruit sized hail we got last summer, leaving loads of damage to vehicles, roofs, crops and much, much more! While this type of hail isn’t a regular occurrence *knock on wood!* Hail in general, strong winds, heavy rainfall, tornado warnings, and sometimes snow is more common. Your roof is the first line of defence to protecting your home against summer storms. However roof damage can happen gradually and may even go unnoticed, especially if regular inspections are neglected.

Here’s how weather affects your roof:


Rain doesn’t necessarily cause roof damage however, if there’s existing damage it will definitely make it worse. Especially heavy rainfall. Keeping up on your roofing inspection will ensure all major and minor issues are taken care of before water damage occurs.



Wind damage

Strong winds are a major culprit in roof damage, as the wind gets stronger, shingles come loose and fall off. More nails, more protection. We don’t just put 4 nails, we put 6 for extra wind protection!


As many of you know hail can do some serious damage! No matter the roofing material you use, hailstones create small, or large, fractures in your shingles, which end up weakening your entire roof. These cracks will become larger, and over time sections of your roof will tear and fall off. After a hail storm, it’s best practice to get things checked out even if you think everything looks fine!

Your roof is an investment, therefore it’s always a good idea to take proper care and have regular inspections done. This no doubt will save you the most money in the long run.

Need an inspection done on your roof before more damage is done, give us a call and we’ll get it taken care of!

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