Sloped Roofing

Red Leaf Roofing does new construction roofing, re-roofing residential and commercial roofs. We work with the best manufacturers and wholesalers in town to bring you the best product and best services

Eaves Trough Installs & Cleaning

We supply and install 5 inch continuous run eaves. All eaves are screwed on not nailed, giving it stronger support. We offer the service to clean out eavestroughs in the fall.

Annual Roof Maintenance Program

We have the best annual maintenance program in the city. When you sign up for our annual maintenance program, the cost of the program will never increase as long as you stay with the program.

Annual Maintenance Program

  • Come to your home to re-inspect your roof install.
  • Re-caulk all vents and flashing on roof.
  • Re-tab any lifting shingles or un-tabbed shingles that may have come loose.
  • Replace up to 5 missing shingles that have been lost by wind damage.
  • Clean out blocked down spouts.
  • Tack back in any loose nails on existing old eavestrough.

Site Clean Up

We take great pride on leaving your home and yard the same condition it was before we showed up. We will pay you $1 for every nail found find after we are done and have left the property. You have one week to get back to us with what ever you may find.

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