Roofs are one of most important part of a house. They keep the elements out, and keep heat and cool in. So how can we keep it that way? Here are ten signs you need to get your roof repaired.



If you have a hunch that your roof needs to be replaced head upstairs, if your home allows it, and check your attic. Can you spot any light peeking through, stains or mold? Yes means it’s time for a new roof. 

How old is your roof?

When was your roof last maintained? This is a simple but effective tool for knowing if your roof is ready to go. A typical asphalt roof lasts around 20-25 years, much longer and it may start causing damage.


If you have just had a large storm then you should check on your shingles. They should be laying flat on the roof. If you spot any cracks or buckles, then it’s time to do some repairs. 


Moss on the roof can mean there is moisture collecting, and moisture can lead to mold and rot. If you spot moss on your roof you should take a carful look and see if there is any other damage. If not use a stiff brush to evict your unwanted visitors. 


Flashing around vents and chimney can crack and cause leaks in your roof. Check your flashing from time to time, especially in older homes, and if needed, get your roof repaired it. Most flashing is made from roof cement, but it might be a good idea to replace it with metal flashing. 


Newer roofs, if installed properly, will last for up to 20 years. If a small patch of shingles is damaged, don’t worry, it is easy to get a small area of your roof repaired, so you don’t have to buy a whole new roof.  


Discoloration of shingles can mean there is damage, for example light colored patch on dark shingles can be a sign of wear and tear. Likewise dark patches on light roofs mean the same thing. This may be a sign that your roof needs replacing so call a licensed roofer for a consultation. 

Bald spots

If you can see the plywood of your roof from the outside then you should call a roofer. Leaving the damage could cause leaks which as a result can lead to rot and structural damage. 

Rising energy bills

If your energy bill seems to be getting higher and higher, don’t go blaming the local government just yet. A damaged roof could mean your loses heat or cool from your house in addition to leaks and other damages, which means good roof can save you money. 


If your roof is sagging it is definitely time for a replacement. Check on the damage. The most common cause of sagging is rot. If the wood beams of your roof look like they’re rotting, then it’s time to call Red Leaf Roofing. 

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