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winter roof prep

Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter

It’s coming faster than you think! Winter that is. Which means it’s time to start thinking about getting your roof prepared so you can settle into winter, stress free. Here’s services we offer to help you get ready. Eaves Trough Installs & Cleaning We supply and install 5 inch continuous run eaves. All eaves are screwed on not nailed, giving it stronger support. We offer the service to clean out eavestroughs in the fall. Annual Roof Maintenance Program We have…

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5 Risks Of Putting Off a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is serious business, and putting it off can lead to more severe issues. Symptoms of a leaky roof. A drip, moisture on your walls or a stain. Sometimes this comes and goes as snow melts and storms come. Get it checked out before it becomes worse. If discoloration around ceiling fans or lights occur this could mean the leak is severe and need to take immediate action to avoid electrical damage. Discoloration of ceiling or attic, you…

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