Why It’s Important To Have A Well Ventilated Attic

During the summer months our attics can get quite hot, so it’s important to have a well ventilated attic.

Give your AC a break


First of all, warm attics effect the entire house. A hot attic means the temperature in the rest of the house will rise. As you turn on more fans and crank up the AC it will be working twice as hard to cool down your home and in return your bills will raise during the summer months. The rise in heat will also bring more moisture. This causes damage to your shingles, wood framing, ceiling, paint, siding and wallpaper.

Avoid mold and mildew


Where moisture is, mold follows. From the excessive heat, moisture builds up, if action is not taken quickly mold and mildew start to form. Usually by the time you notice the problem, it’s already caused damage to your home. Since not much time is spent in the attic it doesn’t take much for problems to occur and get out of hand. Ensure your attic has a good ventilation system to avoid these problems from starting.

Warp wood and walls

cracked paint

The heat can do more than just bring mold and higher bills, structural damage is at risk with high temperatures. The wood frames can warp which in turn cause your walls to and door frames to warp as well as crack your pain and wallpaper.

Shorter shingle lifespan


The intense heat from the sun beating down on your roof during the summer and your attic improperly transferring that heat out, causes damage to your shingles. It can literally bake your shingles, and this causes them to age prematurely. Costing you more money in the long run.


It’s easy to overlook the importance of proper ventilation for your attic. Especially if you don’t fully understand how damaging it can be and other areas it can effect. If you’re noticing some of these signs we’ve pointed out send us an email.

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