How To Choose The Best Shingles For Your Roof

A new roof isn’t something you invest in every year, so you want to be sure you are buying the right shingles for your home when you do. You also want to be sure that the one you choose will be suiting to your needs and preferences.

Choosing The Type of Shingle

There are 3 types of asphalt shingles:


  • 3-tab shingles – 3-tab shingles are affordable and can last a couple decades in the right conditions. Although there are fewer choices when it comes to aesthetics, they have a potential blow-off issue, and have a shorter life span.

Dimensional shingles

  • Dimensional shingles – Dimensional shingles are extremely durable, they can last 30 years or longer. Although they will be more costly than 3-tab shingles.

luxury shingles

  • Luxury shingles – Multi-dimensional appearance, They hold maximum durability, and are more affordable than slate or cedar alternatives.

Style of Shingle and Features

Some factors to take into account:

Appearance – How much dimension do you want your shingles to have?

Algae Deference – Look for shingles that feature built-in guards against discolouration

Fire Protection – To keep your home and everything in it safe, your shingles should have a Class A fire rating, it’s the most effective against severe exposure.

Finding the Ideal Color

Think about your homes aesthetics – While one type of shingle may look great on one home, it may clash with another. Keep in mind the style of your house, is it Tudor, Ranch, Colonial, etc.

Curb appeal – If you think you might be selling in a few years, going with a neutral color may be your best bet to keep your home looking up to date.

Look to your neighbors – Go around your neighbourhood and see if any roofs catch your eye. Ask them what type of shingles they used on their home.

In addition, it is always best to consult your roofer as well about what will work and look the best for your home while meeting your needs. Ask what style best suits your home and which ones are going to deliver lasting performance.

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