Oh Hail No! What To Do When Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Alberta has had no shortage of rain this summer. Hail has damaged more than just roofs but vehicles, crops, equipment and more. Edmonton and the surrounding areas have been hit multiple times with hail. So if you’ve seen some damage to your roof or suspect you may have some, you’ve come to the right place.


Signs Of Hail Damage

Dents in siding, sliding door or windows. Dented or broken gutters, gutter screens or downspouts. Keep a sharp eye for small impacts as well. Damage on the roof may include a broken skylight, dented chimney and vents.

The most important inspection is the shingles. Hail damage to shingles can vary in sizes. It can either be quite obvious or almost indistinguishable. The best way to properly assess the damage is to get your roofer out to take a closer look. Not only does your roofer have a trained eye for damage to your shingles but also the equipment to remain safe while inspecting your roof.

Hail damage

What Does Hail Damage Do To Your Roof?

Hail damage usually occurs if the hail is the size of a golf ball or larger. Hail damage can do many things to your roof, like age your shingles, increase granule loss and increase chances of leakage. There are a few factors to keep in mind when assessing hail damage.You may get less or more damage compared your neighbor even though they were hit by the same storm and here’s why:

The age of your roofing materials

The slope of your roof

The quality of construction done on your roof

Environmental factors

Size of hail (hail stones as large as softballs fall at approximately 100 mph)

The density of hail stone

Shape of hail stone

What Should You Do If You Have Hail Damage?

Contact your roofer to get an inspection done. Some damage may not be visible and needs to be inspected more thoroughly. If your roofer thinks you have hail damage then you can file an insurance claim with your insurance provider. The amount your insurance will cover depends on your policy and the company you’re with. It’s in your best interest to have a professional roofer come out as you may not be able to make a claim without an inspection by a professional. Your contractor will be able to determine if the damage is functional or cosmetic.


Should You Wait To Repair Your Roof?

You want to repair your roof as soon as possible to avoid developing new problems or worsening existing ones. Find a local and reputable contractor to get the best quality of work done. Time may be limited to get your roof replaced and still covered by insurance. Take action sooner rather than later to ensure you save the most time and money.

Keep an eye out for “storm chasers” these are out of town roofing contractors that go to door soliciting their services after a damaging hail storm has passed by. While it may seem tempting and convenient these roofers will only do more harm than good. You want an experienced and local contractor. Choose a roofer who is looking out for your best interest.


If you think you may have hail damage contact us.

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