What To Know When Choosing Your Shingle Color

Your roof is a big investment and makes up to 40% of your home. You put a lot of time into choosing siding, shutters and garage doors. The colour of shingles you put on your house shouldn’t be a last thought, as this could make or break the look of your exterior design. Here’s what you should know when choosing the shingle colour for your home.

Did you know asphalt shingle lines are made in both solid colours and blends? Here’s a good article breaking down the differences of monotone or blends for your roof. This opens up a larger variety to choose from. When re-roofing your home, you want to match the new roof colour to your existing siding. Start with the basics, grey, brown, black and red. Bring home samples to hold against your siding and see which colours work best together.

Darker coloured shingles will attract more heat than lighter coloured ones. Dark shingles can also give a more dramatic look compared to a brighter effect with light shingles. Here’s a colour matching table for you to reference back to:

Colour Matching Table

Shingle Colour Chart

Lastly, you want to consider the houses around you. When it comes to selling you want your home to stand out for all the right reasons. Choose a colour that will harmonize with the other houses around you, the landscape and your natural surroundings.

Whether you are building a new home or simply re-roofing your current home, the roof is a large part of your home. As you can see there’s more to consider than just what material you will put on your roof. The colour and the impact it will have on other aspects of your home.

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