When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof?

You may have read our last blog post on a spring cleaning checklist for your roof. Did you come across any roof damage?

No? That’s great! Regular maintenance will help prevent damage in the future.

Yes? It’s time for a roof replacement but when is the best time to replace your roof?

Here’s the best time:


spring time

It’s warming up outside and the snow is melting away. Spring time is usually when you check out the damage done to your roof during the harsh winter months. Now is a good time to replace your roof if there is more severe damage. Things will only worsen during the summer months (Alberta storms). While the weather is still unpredictable during the spring time, its usually less busy so your roofer will likely have more availability. Spring time is the second best time to get your roof replaced.


Summer time

Summer is reasonable time for a roof replacement. Err on the earlier months of summer as things on your roof heat up pretty quick when its warm out. The hot temperature on your roof however, allows for the tar strip on the back of asphalt shingles to active and adhere well. This prevents future fly offs or leaking.


Fall time

Fall is the best time to replace your roof. Weather calms down, temperature drops and its the last chance to get your roof done before winter. Summer and Fall are the busiest months, so availability may be limited. Fall gives perfect temperature for roofers to complete jobs in a timely manner, with minimal weather delays and the shingles have enough time to seal properly before the winter months.


Winter time

Winter doesn’t stop us from replacing your roof entirely, although it does pose its challenges. Asphalt shingles require heat and sunlight to active and seal properly. So with both of these limited, roofers may use hand-sealing techniques. You also likely won’t have an issue finding a roofer who is available for the job, but the labour costs may be higher due to the conditions. If your roof needs immediate attention during the winter months it’s not impossible to get replacements done, however, waiting for spring to arrive may be a better option if your roof can wait.


Spring has sprung! It’s a great time to get your roof replaced, and beat the busy season, contact us today.

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